Death, Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Canberra

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Homicide, suicide, murder, accidents all have an unpleasant aftermath. Splattered blood across the room or a highway, decaying bodies which are unattended, foul smell, bodily fluids and tissue leftovers, all these things are part of a death scene. Cleaning these biohazards becomes extremely important.

Usually a notion runs into our mind that it is the Police or the ambulance who carry out with an accident clean up or a crime scene clean up in Canberra but that is not the case. In earlier times the victim’s family had to clean the affected area and restore to its normal state but lately Canberra crime scene cleaners like Bio Cleanse Services have come up to this job which relieves the family members from the emotional trauma involved in biohazard cleaning.

Our Canberra crime scene cleaners are professional cleaners with certification from ABRA in Bio Hazard recovery and also NIDS (National Institute of Decontamination Specialists).

These certifications are important as they serve as licenses to carry out bio hazard cleaning. And according to federal law all bodily fluids and tissues are considered Bio-Hazards and transportation and disposal of which require a license which is possessed by a crime scene cleaner.

Bio Cleanse Services is one such crime scene cleaning company which is based in Goulburn, Australia and cater to the surrounding suburbs of Sydney, Canberra and Queanbeyan. We work 24X7 on cleaning crime scene, rotten decaying bodies filled with foul smell and clean blood splattered across a road or on the walls in a house.

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