Ribbet collage 1Seeing blood for an average person can have an adverse effect on him. And seeing a dead body lying in a pool of blood can be very gruesome. For most people, the question would be…“How do we get the blood cleaned- up? and “Who do we get in touch with?”

We tend to be in a notion that it is the Police or the Ambulance personnel who do this job or probably to an extent the CSI agency. Well, that is incorrect! Cleaning up­ a crime scene after someone who died violently was responsibility of that person’s family. Not anymore, because today there are cleaning companies which do this task for them.

What does biohazard cleaning involve? What special knowledge the cleaners need to have? Can a person clean a crime scene without any training? Let’s find out…….

Special knowledge is necessary to handle bio-hazardous material in an appropriate manner and also to know what exactly to look for at a crime or biohazard scene. The cleaning company also needs permit to transport and dispose of bio-hazardous waste. We at Bio-Cleanse Services have all of the necessary permits, training, expertise and most important, the willingness to handle gross filthy things that would send most of us running out the door to throw up in the bushes.

Here are some of our services:

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