How to Avoid Squatters on Your Property


Do you own a home which you don’t live in? One of your major concerns would be the possibility of squatters occupying and taking over your property. Squatting is defined as the act of making use of a disused or abandoned property. People who otherwise cannot afford to rent or purchase a house tend to […]

A look at the Fire Damage Restoration Process


Pic Credits: Fire Damage, like every other disaster damage, varies from every situation as it involves a different place and different types of substances each time. But, the series of incidents and actions following post the fire are similar from incident to incident. Here’s a set of actions that need to be taken after a […]

Health Risks Associated with a Mould Infected House


To many people, damp houses with problems of condensation, peeling wallpaper and the sight of mould on the ceiling has become a way of life. Considering the climatic conditions & the ageing building stock, the house gives rise to mould growth. But a damp house poses much more problems than the usual smell and visual […]

Why Is Immediate Flood Cleanup Important?


If your home has experienced a flood, you need to act fast. Experts recommend starting a flood cleanup within 24 hours as its critical to preventing long-term damages. After the floodwaters have receded, there’s definitely some amount of relief, but one should not ignore the aftermath of a flood. Waterlogged areas can contribute to mould growth. Mould can […]

Animal Hoarding Needs Specialised Cleanup Services


Having pets around people is known to really improve one’s health in a lot of ways. Pets encourage a more active lifestyle, and can even help reduce depression and anxiety. By just petting them, our brains are conditioned to release happy hormones and reduce stress. For some people, pets can even provide emotional support as […]