Murder Clean-up

Most often, the burden and responsibility of a murder scene clean-up post investigation fall upon the homeowner, family member, friend or employer of the deceased. Obviously, this would be a traumatic and unwelcome task that only few would be willing to undertake themselves.

When a homicide happens, it has to be cleaned up at the earliest to reduce risk caused by bloodborne pathogens. A crime scene could be highly contaminated with blood, or brain matter and bone fragments, and even urine or faeces, each a potential source of germs, bacteria, and infection. Hence, it is best left to a murder clean-up professional.

Murder scenes require a special cleaning company who is trained and certified to handle any death scenes with body fluids, blood, and human decomposition. Bio Cleanse Services team of professional bio-hazard cleaning technicians are specialized in murder scene clean-ups.

Our “Murder Clean-up” Services Include:
  • Crime, Death & Trauma Clean Up
  • Industrial, Workplace, Construction Accidents
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Clean Up
  • Sharps, Needle, Syringe Clean Up
  • Animal Waste Clean Up
  • Property restoration
  • Odour Removal & Air Filtration
  • Structural Drying
  • Carpet/Contents Cleaning
  • Floor Drying Cleaning
  • Disinfecting & sanitizing all areas

We understand the situation & maintain a respectful demeanour when dealing with the murder scene cleaning.

Our Bio-Cleanse technicians guarantee that the scene will be restored to its original look & condition.

We provide 24-hour emergency service for murder clean-up in Sydney, Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay & surrounding NSW.  Give us a call at 1300 774 631.