Testimonial by: Ian Quill, Goulburn, Dec 2014

Following my reporting to my insurance company (GIO), that my home and possessions had received damage due to a torrential storm, representatives of the above company attended the property on the 3rd of December to identify themselves & explain what they were about to do.

The work involved the following:

  • Emptying the garage & bottom bedroom of all equipment & furniture.
  • Stacking the above mentioned in the backyard for reference as to whether they were salvageable or not.
  • Removing all unsalvageable items to the local tip.
  • Washing out & cleaning detritus from all areas, including cleaning walls, floors & cupboards that were in sound condition.
  • Disinfecting all areas.
  • Disinfecting & washing out of all large canvas & plasticized covers, drying & storing.
  • Storing all salvageable items so that they were accessible & ready for re-storage.
  • Supply & operation of 4 commercial blowers & a de-humidifier to remove excess water & return all areas to a workable condition.
  • Addressing the on-going situation of rectification through attending my property daily to observe & re-organise the drying process, this was over 5 days.
  • Keeping an up to date & on-going data base of all non salvageable items, including digital recording of same.
  • Logging all such items on a spreadsheet that was easy to use as I went through the items as to their cost of replacement.
  • Answered all queries through phone contact immediately in a supportive & positive manner with suggestions that curtailed my concerns.

I must address the emotional side of my wife’s & my experience, we had never had such a thing happen to us, to be woken at approximately 2.45am & hear water running somewhere in the house was extremely frightening, to go down the steps & see 30cms plus flowing through the bottom of the house into the spare room/study was quite disconcerting. I could just open the door to the garage, water flowed even more steadily to the bottom room, and we opened the sliding door to allow for a draining point.

I could not open the door from the laundry to the garage due to the water pressure, it was approximately 1 metre deep against the wall (I have details pictures of the situation). When the level dropped we were able to view the damage.

When Bryan attended, the garage door had been buckled & would not operate, meaning the team had to access the damage until the door had been rectified to a point where it would function.

My wife could not face the situation downstairs; I assisted a team of highly professional people who knew exactly what they were doing & what had to be done.

I was supported at times by these delightful people, advice, direction, enquiries as to my wellbeing in what was being done.

In closing, I would like to most certainly thank & congratulate Bryan & Chris, as well as their team for the highly professional delivery of service & the empathy shown as they led me through a most difficult & emotionally draining situation.

I have no hesitation in referring the above company to you in a most positive manner, the company has my full support, if those who receive this missive, please contact me for further support.

Yours Sincerely,

Ian Quill

Testimonial by: All Surface Cleaning, Debble Faekk, Nov 2014

November 2014

To Whom It May Concern

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Bryan Norris of Bio – Cleanse Services, who was the certified remediator on a job I worked on.

Initial laboratory analysis levels of methamphetamines within the property were found per the below table, with 1,300µg/100cm2 in the kitchen being the highest levels we have come across in Australia to date.

Location Methamphetamine Level
Loungeroom 9.5 µg/100cm2
Bathroom 35µg/100cm2
Bedroom 1.20µg/100cm2
Glass Sliding Door 2.2µg/100cm2
Kitchen 1,300µg/100cm2

Our post remediation laboratory analysis testing revealed that Bryan had reduced the levels of methamphetamine to below the Australian Government Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines of 0.5µg/100cm2 by achieving the following:

Location Methamphetamine Level
Loungeroom 0.16µg/100cm2
Bathroom 0.04µg/100cm2
Bathroom 0.6µg/100cm2
Bedroom 0.03µg/100cm2
Kitchen 0.07µg/100cm2
Kitchen 0.19µg/100cm2

I found Bryan to be extremely polite, honest, competent and professional person with rare work ethics, and if it were possible in my profession, I would not hesitate to refer any clients to his company.

Yours Sincerely

Debble Faekk – All Surface Decontamination